April 30, 2007

Ban Dry Skin & Sore Throats with a Humidifier!

Suffer from dry skin in the cold, dry Winter months? Do you wake up with a soar throat when the air is cool and dry? I live in the Midwest where the Winter months can be long, cold and dry. My skin is super dry and requires me to moisturize daily. Dry skin and soar throats are caused mainly by low humidity. Buying a humidifier would be the perfect solution.

After doing some research on whether or not to get a "whole house" or "single room" unit, I decided to pick one up. I found the home humidifiers buying guide. This helpful website was full of information, tips and comparisons. Compare two different types of humidifiers, check out some desirable features and view some of the top brands in the business.

I am extremely happy with my whole house humidifier and I think it made a great deal of a difference this past Winter. In the past I have used the single room units and was never really that impressed. I say, get the whole house unit, why not feel comfortable all day rather than just at night?

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Talk Your Business Elsewhere?

I just got done reading an article on MSN Money website, that stated that 40% of customers who rated the customer service of a company as "poor", though SPRINT was the worst. The article is quite informing, as well as, eye-opening.

How come these companies can't do anything about their customer service? Think about it, it's not that they can't, it's that they don't have to. How you ask? Bank of America, which also made the list, has such a high % of America's deposits that sooner or later, we won't have a choice who we bank with. Bank of America or nobody.

I like the tone of the article and how it presents it's data. Take a look.

Person.com: Meet New People, Enjoy Your Stay!

Today I visited Person.com; they have webcams, chat and personals available to users who want to meet new people or show off their stuff live on webcam! Person.com is a community of users with webcams that want to meet and hangout with other users. It's simple, if you have a webcam you can turn it on and set it to public mode, now other users can view your webcam live! No hired actors on webcam, only user generated material. They also have a "hot or not" section, as well as, a game you can play called "play and flirt". Come on and give it a try, there are over 250,000 members now and you can be the next one meeting new people.

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Helium.com Article: "Thank God You're Here" Review

I just got finished with another article at Helium.com. This one was a quick television review on "Thank God You're Here", the newest comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live. I didn't think it was that good. If you liked to see the review, the article is posted here at Helium.com.

April 28, 2007

Work: Day 3 out of 3

Today I am sitting here at work, yes on a Saturday, with a crap load of things to do, but no ambition to do so. I work in a factory that is clean, smaller and full of people that just "love" their jobs :) Who am I kidding? Who likes to work?

Now that the temps are starting to climb before 8AM, having to work is even more difficult than it was when was 15 degrees outside. Oh yeah, that was only 2 weeks ago! Stupid weather.

Anyways, today is my last day of my 3-day work week :) The 4 days off that I have coming up are looking pretty darn nice at this point. Hopefully the weather holds just where it is at right now. I will be keeping my figures crossed.

Well, I should get back to what I do for a living, at least for now, then maybe my day will cruise by just a little faster.

**Suggested Song Download of the Day**
The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground

April 25, 2007

Press Release: WhoGets.com

PRESS RELEASE from whogets.com:
Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) April 24, 2007 -- Arcavate Corporation, a leader in web 2.0 innovation and fun, announces the beta launch of its newest site, whogets.com. WhoGets combines all the excitement of winning great prizes with the viral interactive power of a voting community.

In a game show format, WhoGets.com offers members the chance to win a huge array of prizes in its online contests. They simply enter the contests for the products that interest them. The contestant has the opportunity to tell the community members why they should vote for him. whogets members decide who wins each contest. The contestant with the most votes wins the prize. There are no offers to complete, and whogets will not solicite its members for any other offers. There's no fee for membership or for joining the contests. If a member would rather skip the contest and buy one of the prizes outright, he can take advantage of the Buy It Now feature.

There isn't any other site like whogets.com. We are excited to see where the community takes it. It should be fun
"There isn't any other site like whogets.com. We are excited to see where the community takes it. It should be fun," Russ Snapper said.

WhoGets is just one more way Arcavate delivers on its simple philosophy -- offer friendly, fun, innovative sites that create value for their visitors.


Looks like another place to WIN fantastic prizes. I haven't really seen a format like this one though. Apparently, there are different rounds. Whogets.com runs an continuous online sweepstakes, but with a twist, that's right, the twist is that you get to decide who goes away with the prizes. It seems like an original idea (I haven't heard of this before), so maybe it will catch on and be a blast. Check out whogets.com if you want to know more information, it's FREE to join and FREE of SPAM.

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April 24, 2007

DDO.com is Doing it Again

I play the online game, or MMORPG, called Dungeons and Dragons Online, or DDO. The game is fun and can be exciting, except for the tactics that are used seemingly to get more people online on a specific day.

The gamemasters, as they are called, put up notices on the forums about a special day coming up soon, so stay tuned. Today, I pop open the program that's needed to play the game and I am met with a message of another such tactic. "Hide and Seek" is what this one is called. Any one person or team that finds Sir Lawrence get a special weapon, that in my opinion isn't all that great to begin with.

It just makes me laugh a little that's all, and of course there is nothing wrong with a little bit of laughter in a day.

Direct Email Marketing Program A Plus for Any Business

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LifeHacker.com has Plenty of Information

Have you been to LifeHacker.com yet? This website has such a plethora of information I am almost too excited to post about it. The LifeHacker.com website is a place to help you find the information, downloads and software to make your internet or computer experience a good one.
"Computers make us more productive. Yeah, right. Lifehacker recommends the software downloads and web sites that actually save you time. Don't live to geek; geek to live."

Sign up for their feeds, read the posts or check out the archives and I am sure you'll find some information that is quite useful in your daily computer driven lifestyle.
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April 23, 2007

Windows: blinds or curtains?

As I sit here and look at my living room windows, I wonder if they would look better with just curtains, curtain/blind combo or just blinds? Right now, they currently have white blinds and a lacey type curtain behind that. Not really sure why that is, but it may or may not be for decoration. Otherwise it may be because when the blinds are open, the curtains still provide some sort of privacy from the outside world. Either way, that is what we have now and I guess I will have to remove one or the other to see how they look. In the meantime, I can check out what blinds are available at Terrys Fabrics.

I, personally, like blinds because they can be both closed all the way, or opened, by the turn of the rod or pull of the strings. Curtains, to me, always seemed so old fashioned. Anywho, I would like to let you know that Terry Fashions sells blinds and other window treatments.

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Ads on This Blog

I am sitting here this afternoon trying to decide if I should just drop the auctionads.com ads AND the YPN ads from my blog. I am interested in blogging and wouldn't mind to make a little extra money from it, but I am just not sure if it makes my blog appear "hokey" if you will. I want my readers to be able to feel like coming back for more reading and enjoy their stay without ads popping up all over the place at them. I don't feel like the auctionads.com ads are in the way, I actually think it's a great idea for bloggers. You just never know when people are going to see something they want, especially hard to find items on eBay!

I do have some posts on here from payperpost.com, and that is the way I plan to make most of the money on this blog. I have to try and find a topic or niche to place this blog around and hopefully the reader loyalty will start to mount. Comment if you have any suggestions.

April 20, 2007

Payperpost Acquires .... "a company"

So, what company did they acquire? This is coming only a short time after Google.com announces they have acquired advertising company, Doubleclick. Could they have collected another advertising company in hopes of getting more advertisers? Did they acquire another community in hopes of getting more bloggers? Technorati? Text-link-ads? eBay?

I know, we can all dream, right? In case you haven't heard, Payperpost is a website that offers bloggers the chance to make money from an advertiser that has chosen them to post on a blog about an online ads they pay for. If you have a new product and you want BUZZ, you pay us bloggers to create that buzz with some short quick posts about the product and we are in turn given a portion of the payment made to Payperpost. Critics have gone wild stating that this will only corrupt the blogsphere with blog posts for products and services the bloggers have never seen or used. I, on the other hand, think it's a good thing for bloggers. They have followers; they are an audience that a major advertiser may want to reach. What is wrong with paying money to get your ad out there in front of people you want to sell a product or service too?

The online buzz that a blog can create is priceless. Payperpost.com puts the bloggers out there with the advertisers’ ads and makes it all happen quite seamlessly. I think that no matter what type of company it is, Payperpost.com has already had to of figured that it will be better for the Posties.

We Can Finally Enjoy the Weather

Now that Spring has finally decided it was time to show up for work, at least in the Midwest, people are crawling out of the wood work to get outside and enjoy every bit of sun that they can. "It's valuable!", says one excited resident, "You have to get out and about otherwise before you know it Winter is here again."

That's right folks, Winter is right around the corner again. I depend on Accuweather.com's forcast to keep me smiling as long as the sun is out and the temp isn't -10. They show radar, satellite images, 1, 5, 10, or 15 day forcasts and I must say they are quite accurate :)

Check out the site so you know when you can expect to get sun burn this time of year. You can also have them send email updates of the weather in case you never leave your computer long enough to look out the window.

Google stock is UP, UP, UP!!

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Target Consulting Can Help

Frustrated with your Sales Job Search? Looking for assistance that is backed by a satisfaction guarantee? Or, are you a professional looking for a top-notch sales job opportunity? Do you need a top performing sales professional to help drive revenue?

Either way, you should check out Target Consulting’s website to learn how they will be able to put you into a new sales job. A thorough sales recruiting process ensures the right fit.
Target Consulting serves Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Target Consulting will also assist an organization in filling open sales positions. If you are looking for a new sales job or have maybe considered getting into this type of career, you should check out what Target Consulting has to offer. Every candidate is backed by their satisfaction guarantee.

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Wife of Nationally Recognized Ultra-Marathon Runner Dies in House Fire

The wife of a well known marathon runner has died in a house fire on the south-side of Sheboygan. Gail Pirrung is the wife of Roy Pirrung, a nationally recognized ultra-marathoner who writes a weekly column for The Sheboygan Press. The fire that appeared to be started by smoking materials, was concentrated in the living room area. The two alarm fire was out within 8 minutes.

All the neighbors could do was watch. They tried banging on the doors and windows, but nobody showed. Fearing that opening a door or window may cause more harm, they just stood outside and waited for the fire fighters to arrive.

All of our prayers go out to Gail's husband Roy and their children.

April 19, 2007

Get Help at Stone Hawk Rehab Center in Michigan

Stone Hawk Rehab Center is located in Michigan and has a variety of drug rehab programs available. Some of the programs include drug rehab, drug detox, addiction treatment, drug free withdrawl, life skills course and aftercare programs.
Stone Hawk is also the most successful drug rehab center in the country with an astounding 76% success rate! That means that 3 out of 4 graduates leave clean and stay clean for good. The website has articles to read and drug information from alcohol to Vicodin. Read more about the wonderful Stone Hawk Drug Rehab Center and their excellent drug rehabilitation program or call 1-888-227-9193 to request more information. At this link you can also sign up for more information to be sent to your email address.

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More Fine Residents To Live Near

:: Accused of stalking a real estate agent ::
Ever think of moving to Sheboygan County? Read this story and maybe you'll be thinking again. People read or say such good things about Sheboygan in the past, but if you ask any ONE person that lives anywhere in the city limits, you will hear otherwise these days. Crimes like this are popping up all over the city, not to mention the drug problems and according to another story, "police spending is HIGH for city". Read through, even bookmark the paper's website, you'll have tons to laugh about and if you want to join in on the conversation, head to the forums and put your 2 cents in.

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April 17, 2007

Terrible, Terrible Day at Virginia Tech

Just a quick note about the tragedy at Virginia Tech yesterday morning. Everyone is praying for the victims and their families, please click the link to read more on the updates to the story.

April 14, 2007

NBC, News Corp. creating YouTube rival

Just a quick post about my latest Helium.com article. Take a look at my opinion on the story of NBC & News Corp. creating a YouTube.com Rival. Let me know what you think about the article.

Local Hero Shows His Cock

Here is a picture submitted by a local hero in our area. It is a picture of his peacock showing off for the ladies. The tail is quite a spread and looks good. Take a look at the details in the feathers. The photographer has quite a fascination with birds or anything with feathers for that matter :) Amazing picture!
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April 11, 2007

Saw III at Movies.Yahoo.com

Have you seen Saw III yet? Well I have had this movie from netflix sitting on my coffee table for almost 2.5 months now. What's taking so long? I am not sure. Everytime we sit down to watch it, we find another reason to watch it later. The most recent was that we wanted to watch it on the big screen. Which is of course, the home theater type setup I have in our basement. It's pretty basic with nothing fancy at all. I bought a Dell 2400MP Multimedia Projector from the Dell website. About $1250 delivered to my door. My screen is a piece of laminated plywood that I painted FLAT white with a simple black border around the whole thing. I have a basic Kenwood surround system to go with it. When the lights are out, the projector on and the stereo cranked, it really makes for a different movie type experience. So, next time I try to watch the movie it will be on the big screen, hopefully sooner than later!

April 8, 2007

Sisters arrested after baby found in garbage bag

NEW YORK - A recently born infant girl was found in a garbage bag on a back porch in a Brooklyn neighborhood, and the apparent mother and her two sisters were arrested, police said.The baby was pronounced dead at a local hospital of asphyxiation and hypothermia, police said. The infant had been born alive, said Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for

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April 7, 2007

Neopets is For Everyone

Have you ever played on Neopets.com? You get a little cute animal and you have to feed him, give him toys and a house to live in. You have to play games for neopoints that you can use to spend on things or you can put it into the bank to save it for a rainy day. Give it a go, it's all free and can be quite addicting.

How Does Pornography Hurt Society?

Just an article I wrote for a content website on how I believe pornography has harmed society. The article is at helium.com and I think it is my highest rated article on the site. Take a look and Digg it if you like.

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April 2, 2007

Have you seen this movie?

School for Scoundrels is great! Jon Heder (left) is such a nice guy and plays the part of a Star Wars Geek lost in his own world, perfectly. Billy Bob Thorton is also in rare form as a teacher for guys that are weak and quite, normally. Within the first 10 minutes of this movie you are loving Billy Bob's character.

With a class of about 20 students, this top secret, get ahead course has come twists and turns and not to mention a very familiar bunch of comedians in the class.

Sit back and enjoy the rips, tears, punches and paintballs to the private areas. You'll laugh for sure, even if it's only at the end :)