April 11, 2007

Saw III at Movies.Yahoo.com

Have you seen Saw III yet? Well I have had this movie from netflix sitting on my coffee table for almost 2.5 months now. What's taking so long? I am not sure. Everytime we sit down to watch it, we find another reason to watch it later. The most recent was that we wanted to watch it on the big screen. Which is of course, the home theater type setup I have in our basement. It's pretty basic with nothing fancy at all. I bought a Dell 2400MP Multimedia Projector from the Dell website. About $1250 delivered to my door. My screen is a piece of laminated plywood that I painted FLAT white with a simple black border around the whole thing. I have a basic Kenwood surround system to go with it. When the lights are out, the projector on and the stereo cranked, it really makes for a different movie type experience. So, next time I try to watch the movie it will be on the big screen, hopefully sooner than later!