December 27, 2007

Do you search online?

If you are like most people, you use the internet as a tool. There are a ton of Search Engines on the internet now that more and more people can code. Now you can have all the results from the top search companies like Google, Yahoo and MSN all in one place. With a lot less spam than other Search Engines, will help you to find whatever it is you are looking for. has toolbars for Internet Explorer and Firefox, too. You can customize them with your logo's and help your readers get the information they are searching for. With a "Color Value" rating, you are certain to fall in love with this search engine. Give it a try today!

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Fantasy Football Update

So another week goes by and I got my butt kicked. The weather, poor playing by the Packers and me choosing all the favorites, was a large part of why I only had 6 right this past week. I officially 9 from first place and would need a major miracle this last week to even get close to 2nd. I will do my best and hope others do their worst, because that is what it will take!

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December 20, 2007

Johnny Depp is Sweeney Todd

I really like Johnny Depp, especially in Blow and Secret Window. Johnny Depp in Blow was just fantastic. Playing George Jung, the real first drug lord in the US, was done perfectly and I really like the scenes where he thinks he is invincible basically.

Secret Window was a great thriller type movie and I really can't remember what exact scene I liked, but I do remember thinking that I liked the movie and how well it was filmed. He has been in so many films it's hardly even funny. The guy was just amazing in the Pirates trilogy. He plays that character so well.

That brings me to his newest film, Sweeney Todd. You can visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site here. Or even visit Sweeney Todd on myspace. I have seen the trailer and think it will be as quirky as some of the other films that he has done. This movie has certainly peaked my interest thus far. I am not sure how original the story is, but I must say that the trailer makes this one out to be quite different from other movies.

I think in today's age of movies, you have to put yourself out there and make bold moves with your production to stand out above the rest.

December 16, 2007 Sucks

I am sure by now you have read or seen the footage of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Well, did you get a look at the post on I think they are pathetic for making sarcastic remarks about her like they did. It's bad enough that this country, yes country, is going to hell in a hand basket, but now we have to deal with people like this. There is enough depression, anxiety and lack of self-confidence to go around the way it is. Why do people like the ones posting at feel like they have to add to it? Can we see pictures of all the folks at so that we can polk fun at what we think isn't perfect about them? Oh wait, WE wouldn't do that.

I just read another post, here, about this topic and think that blogger has valid points. I hate the paparazzi anyways, but this really sucks to see them doing this to people. How IS perfect? WHAT is perfect? And who the hell decided they could be the judge of what is or isn't perfect?

It floors me that celebs and Hollywood, in general, make these types of things "news" and rub it into the faces of people across the globe. isn't the only one to blame here, I think we are pathetic as a whole in the USA.

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December 10, 2007

Today's Sponsored Post - Pay Day Loans

As you know, this is a blog and occasionally I will be doing a sponsored post to make some extra money. Today's post is about pay day Loans. I advantage of Pay Day Loans is that you get money you need now and can pay the loan back on your next pay day. A lot of times they are easier to get and usually aren't for a large amount that cannot be paid back quickly.

There is a difference between Personal Loans and Pay Day Loans. One is that personal loans require more information from you to get approved. A lot of times the pay day loans will only need your SS # for a quick credit check. As long as you have good employment history, most times you will get the pay day loans.

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December 9, 2007

Fantasy Football Update

What a butt-kicking did I get this week. First off, went against Packers +10, bad move. The other thing that I did was keep some "just in case" picks. Those are picks where I will take a likely underdog, in hopes the other pickers will take the favorite, but the favorite will not win. That puts me ahead of the pack almost 100% of the time. This week, it didn't work one bit.

So, going into the Indianapolis game as we speak, I have 8-16 picked correctly. That puts me in 10th so far this week. Pretty sad shape, but there are a bunch of 10's and a 12 picker, so I was up against some winners for sure.

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December 5, 2007 Rawks

I am sure that you have already tried every single way to make some extra money online. Well, the ideas usually aren't all that bad, but you have to remember that you must work for the money. There is no such thing as logging onto the internet and having money fall out of your computer, at least not with SOME work.

One place that I found has at least paid and allows you to make some nice money is A blog that I started to journal my experiences can be found at Give it a try and you'll see that it isn't that hard to make some extra cash. With little research and no blood, sweat or tears, you will see that soon you will be getting a monthly check to put towards the bills, or to pay for a nice meal for the family.

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December 3, 2007

Today's Sponsored Post

Are you obese? Do you have to control the amount of food that you eat? There are some options for you. Journey Lite is a specializes Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding. Journey Lite will help you with your lap-band Tampa.

The surgery is performed by using several small incision instead of one large one. This keeps scarring to a minimum. The surgery actually puts a bank around your stomach to help limit the amount of food that you eat.

The whole point of the surgery is to make you feel fuller faster and you will naturally lose weight by eating less.

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Fantasy Football Update

Well, this week seemed to go a little better for me regarding the spread. I did make one side bet on the Thursday Night Green Bay Packer game that netted me $45, so that is always nice. Right now I have 8 games picked right out of 16, going into tonight's New England game against the Ravens. I did pick the Patriots +20.5 points, so I am hoping that the Ravens can keep losing badly for at least one more game. That will put me in a tie with first for the week. Overall, I have moved into first with 4-5 games to go.

Wish me luck!

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December 1, 2007 - Shopping, Coupon Site

Perfect for the holiday shopping season. More coupons and rebates can never be a bad thing when you want to shop. The more you save the better right? Typically, these web sites are set up by category. You can choose the type or brand item that you want and they will offer coupon codes that you can use during your checkout process. A lot of times you will even get some money back when you complete the purchase with that code.

The web site links you to all the best deals and is updated every single day so that you will see new deals all the time.

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Is the Weather Going to Rock the Midwest?

Looking through Google Trends this morning I was surprised to see that one of the top 20 searches was for road conditions in Nebraska. I was reading the weather for today in yesterdays paper, so I am aware of what we are supposed to be getting hit with. I just didn't think that many people went to Google to check for road conditions. Don't you see this as strange? Here is a radar snapshot at for the Midwest for today, time reads 10:19 am EST.
Looks like we could be in for some sort of mess. Snow, rain, sleet, ice, rain and more snow. Plus the temps are going to go from 20's to 0 and back to 20's be this time tomorrow. I think this one is gonna hurt a little. Stay tuned, as long as the power is on, I will be blogging about it :)

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