April 30, 2007

Ban Dry Skin & Sore Throats with a Humidifier!

Suffer from dry skin in the cold, dry Winter months? Do you wake up with a soar throat when the air is cool and dry? I live in the Midwest where the Winter months can be long, cold and dry. My skin is super dry and requires me to moisturize daily. Dry skin and soar throats are caused mainly by low humidity. Buying a humidifier would be the perfect solution.

After doing some research on whether or not to get a "whole house" or "single room" unit, I decided to pick one up. I found the home humidifiers buying guide. This helpful website was full of information, tips and comparisons. Compare two different types of humidifiers, check out some desirable features and view some of the top brands in the business.

I am extremely happy with my whole house humidifier and I think it made a great deal of a difference this past Winter. In the past I have used the single room units and was never really that impressed. I say, get the whole house unit, why not feel comfortable all day rather than just at night?

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