February 28, 2007

Sue a doctor, BUT not your mechanic?

A co-worker and I were talking about medical insurance the other day and he made a very good point in my opinion.
People who want to sue a doctor for WORKING ON A HUMAN body and possibly misdiagnosing something should be thinking about how many times their mechanic misdiagnosed problems with their automobile.
I never thought about it that way before. A human body is so complex from one to the next, yet many automobiles are the same in many ways. Wouldn't it make sense that a doctor could possibly misdiagnose while working on something as complex as the human body.
With the education doctors have, compared to the education of a mechanic, you'd think you should be able to sue your mechanic (since autos are less complex) when you have to return there for multiple parts or repairs that don't seem to fix the problem you went in there with.
Doctors go through more schooling and constant training, yet they are targeted right away when there is an issue with their performance. This is disregarding any malicious intent by the doctor of (which may be more likely in a shifty mechanic) course.
What do you think?

February 26, 2007

Chuck Norris Fact of the Day

If you haven't already noticed, I have added a Chuck Norris Fact of the Day to my blog. It is located partway down the left sidebar. If you haven't seen all of these Chuck Norris Facts yet, you can see them here. Prepare for laughter.

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February 24, 2007

DDO.com Collectibles

If you play DDO, you may want to read about it here. Those of you that do play know how much of a pain in the ass collectibles are. I stumbled on this site and it has helped a great deal. Take a look for yourself.

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February 23, 2007

Do you YouTube?

YouTube brings MILLIONS of people together in an all out "let's post whatever we can about whatever we want" free-for-all in the largest compilation of videos on the web. If you have never been to YouTube.com, I recommend it for a laugh a day, but also recommend you free up about 4-5 hours to browse the site. YouTube's extreme addictive navigation system will keep you on the site looking for more. With many bragging rights INCLUDING having MORE pageviews per month than MTV viewers, this site, just acquired by Google.com, is going places and making stars of many people every month.

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February 22, 2007

Some People Don't Even Know

Do you know how to code in asp? Some people are stuck in their old ways of coding a website in HTML and are totally lost in cyber space because of it. If you can teach yourself to code in ASP, your websites will look smoother and react a lot better to your users requests. Take a look at a site the I frequently hit up for advise and help with my ASP dilemmas. ASPFREE.com

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February 20, 2007

Churches and the good old exorcism

I like to watch "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel when I have time. One thing that I always found interesting is that when there is a demonic spirit bothering a family, a church will have no problem telling them they have some demons, but have a HUGE problem helping them with it.

What I have noticed in a couple of shows most recently was the first thing the priest asks is if they are a member of the church. WTF? Should this matter? You telling me that if I was a member (and I think they mean "paying" member) I would get help faster? I think that is such a crock. Or, you have the priest trying to tell you it's nothing, because there is this underlying feeling that he doesn't want anyone else in the church to hear about it and freak everyone out.

I just don't think that they should even question what religion you are. If you go to any church for help, they should be willing. Right? Am I over the line on this one? I guess I always thought one safe place I could get help was a church, but now I am thinking quite differently about it.

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February 17, 2007

New Article at Helium.com

Here is my newest article at Helium.com. If you would like to join you must be invited by an author, so just send me a comment and I would be happy to send you an invite email.

This article was about if Airsoft pellet type guns were unsafe for children and teens. You can read my thoughts here or maybe even join and put some of your thoughts out there.

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February 16, 2007

Las Vegas shelter kills 1,000 dogs, cats

Don't you think the management in charge at this place would be able to see this is happening? I have soft spot for any animal and I just can't imagine not taking care of one's problems so long that 1,000 others suffer from it. When you are in charge of this many there should be some standard policies and procedures in place. At least then, if one person isn't following the procedure, they can be canned and it may save the life of other animals.

On a side note, I think that these shelters are over populated because there are too many people that take a pet in and don't stick around to be responsible for the pets care. The next step is taking it to a shelter for someone else to take care off it. These people should not be allowed to ever adopt again. One time I can understand if it slips through the cracks, but if this person is bringing pets in all the time cause they "can't" (or don't) want to take care of them, they should be blacklisted. My opinion of course. And to have your pet spayed or neutered will help keep the population under control.

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Do you use Epinions.com?

For about 4 months now I have been posting reviews on epinions.com. Do you use comparison shopping search engines when you shop online? Are the users reviews helpful to you when you compare? I like to provide a small service in my opinion on certain products I have used either at home or in the office. Epinions.com is the perfect outlet for this hobby of mine and it has become quite addicting I might add. Check it out if you have even seen the site or are interested in writing your own reviews. They compansate you for your time with income sharing, don't worry, there is no referral system in place. This post is only a shameless plug for my profile of reviews :)

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February 13, 2007

Poor Anna Nicole

Is anyone else not feeling bad about this situation? I have a hard time feeling sorry for people in this situation since it was themselves that got them there. I am a firm believer that your create your own life and what you say and do directly effect the outcome. If you are going to be hopped up on drugs and bounce from husband to husband, apparently "possibly" having a child with all of them, then too bad for you. Listening to her mother talk it almost seems like she isn't surprised one bit. Read the story and I'll let you decide.

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Play Games with RealArcade GamePass

If you like to play games online, which I think most people these days do, you should Get Poker Pop FREE with GamePass from RealArcade. The games are fun and ready for any age level. Pay a small fee and have access to unlimited downloads per month. Check it out today and have fun inside while the weather is poor outside.

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February 11, 2007


Have you heard about prosper.com? It's an eBay like website that allows you to lend your own money to help people with loans. Including interest of course. You can also post to borrow money and have people bid on the lowest interest you will pay. It is quite a unique system and was featured in Wall Street Journal and Businessweek. Click the title and have a look, where else can you gain 15% over 3 years on your money?

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February 5, 2007

Television Show Review - Cops

I posted a tv show review of cops at Helium.com. If you would like to see it just click the link above.
I like the show and it's hard to miss when it's on TV about 10 times a day on various channels, especially when you have DishNetwork satellite.

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How Does Pornography Hurt Society?

Here you can read my artcle about how I think pornography harms society. What do you think? Post comments to this story here.

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February 4, 2007

Guys that have girls, but still look for others

I am sitting here listening to a guy, who has a girl, talk about how many "bitches" emailed him today. What is he doing? Why is he with someone that, which seems obvious, he doesn't want to be with? Everyday he goes into his email and excitedly reads through them one by one. Talking about how all these hot "bitches" want to be with him, but are from another country. YEP! He is getting scammed and thinks all these woman want to be with HIM! What a moron! He will stay in contact with them, whether it's one day or month, until the woman asks for money to get into the country. I just sit here and nod my head and think, what an idiot, I thought everyone in the world knew about those scams. It also makes me think that he may have sent money once already and that is why the communication stops at the money part. Who knows, all it does is add to my daily entertainment. I have to be at work anyways, why not enjoy a little bit of it?

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Click here - Helium.com

Have you ever heard of Helium.com? It's a content website created by people posting about topics that are picked by the webmasters. They have a revenue sharing model in place for the writers, although it isn't much, it's a fun place to meet other writers and get your chance to have your 2 cents heard. Check it out, it can be ONE fun thing you do when it's raining outside.
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Poopinacup.com has some things for you

Click here for more

Poopinacup.com is a website that I created when I was bored and apparently I did it because I wanted to use up more of my free time that would be better spent on the couch at this point. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Where have all the cowboys gone?

Search for the cowboys

I am not really sure about this post. I just wanted to make another post since it has been over a month and I didn't want my loyal readers to think I abandon them. :)
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