June 26, 2007

Wanna Make Some Money? Read JohnChow.com!

If you are part of the millions of people that wish they were making money online, you HAVE to read http://www.johnchow.com/. His blog is chalked full of all kinds of ways to market yourself or website online. Right now, you are reading a review that I am doing for his blog. For this I will be getting a linkback to my blog. Why is that so important you ask? Well, for starters his blog is uber-popular among money making gurus online and his Technorati rating is a phenomenal 1,529.

His blog has links to email marketing and business intelligence websites. Take a minute to read over his blogs. Some categories include:
Fine Dining
and more. I have read about his blog in a number of other places, but never really had much time to read through it. Now that I have, he really puts his money where is mouth is. He is making it and you can learn a lot from him. Don't skip this one, it's valuable.

He has a quite interesting article on Adsense and how it is really a sobering experience. Most people hear about adsense and think it's easy to make money with it. Well, I beg you to read his post and then see how you feel about it. Keep reading, you'll find more things to learn.

Learn first, make money second!

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