January 31, 2008

This blog...

If you are a regular ready here (I know there are a couple), then you might have noticed that I don't post here that much. Well, the main reason is the recent success of my other blog, www.sukosaki.info.
I have been posting over there like a mad man and to say the least, I have been thinking about ditching this blog. The reason that I haven't? Well, it's in the Payperpost system and DID have a nice PR. So, I am waiting for their new system called SocialSpark to go live and see what that all has to offer. If at that point it isn't something that I want to get into, I will dump this blog and concentrate on Sukosaki.info 100%.
For those of you that have been reading and commenting, thanks, but hang in there with me, you just never know what will happen in the near future.

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January 30, 2008

Weather in the Midwest IS a Mystery!

Just the past 10 days or so, we have seen 10 inches of snow, 40 degree temps, rain and now, wind chill below-30. Isn't that just insane? What does mother nature have against the Midwest?

Oh yeah, she has nothing to do with it, it's the darn global warming, right?

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January 20, 2008

Paintball Supplies and Accessories

Paintball can be extreme and is labeled a sport of sorts depending on who you are asking. Pntball.com has just about everything you could need from paintball supplies, to advanced equipment. The top selling guns at this point are:
Tippmann A-5
Tippmann 98 Custom
Smart Parts Ion
Spyder Pilot ACS

Pntball.com offers the best prices and FREE shipping, as well. I always wanted to get into paintball, it really seems like a lot of fun and I think that everyone could enjoy it. I never really pulled the trigger on it because I didn't know anyone with a paintball gun and wanted to know what I was getting into before I went in with both feet. Pntball.com is a good place to start for information and basic accessories.

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Google Trends: CouponMountain.com Takes #1 Spot

Looks like this day in age there are plenty of people searching for coupons online. The Couponmountain.com people should be qutie happy since they appear at the top of the Google Trends page. Many people search for one topic and there you have it, right at the top. Coupons online are very popular and there are so many websites out there that offer them.

Just a quick post about Google Trends and Couponmountain.com.

This is NOT a paid post.

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January 18, 2008

CouponChief.com is at it again

That's right, if you haven't already seen every single one of their promo codes, take a look again. There just might be some new ones in place. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, what better place to check and see if you can save money on that special gift. They have SpaLook Deals and Avon coupons on the site for you to use.

Don't forget to buy a gift for that special someone and while you are at it, save more money with CouponChief.com. My two favorite stores are Target.com and Zappos.com.

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January 13, 2008

Packers and Giants

Just watched the New York Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys. Looks like Green Bay will have another visitor in the tretchorous Lambeu Field.

Should be a good game, especially if they have some weather like they did yesterday!

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January 11, 2008

Stylish Prescription Glasses Online

The other day I was trying to see if I could find some nice frames online, because I recently stepped on my glasses and broke them. I figured that you could get anything else online, why not glasses frames?

That brings us to todays post. Great Discovery: www.ZenniOptical.com has the best selection of glasses online.

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Contest at Sukosaki.info

Giving away a Panasonic 1GB memory card over at http://www.sukosaki.info/. If you are interested you can see the post here or it was also posted at http://www.contestbeat.com/.

Give it a go, why not, it's so easy!

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January 10, 2008

Journeylite.com Lab Band System

I have posted about this system before and thought I would get more feedback from people that have had it done, or know someone. The lapband system by Journeylite is the only proven weight loss system that is reversible and adjustable for LIFE! How can you beat that? If you want to know more about the Lap Band System by JourneyLite you can get that information at their website, http://www.journeylite.com/.

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January 4, 2008

Amy Fisher Sex Tape?

What the hell? Why is it that when you are down in the dumps you can just have a sex tape released and all is well again? If you didn't already know, Amy Fisher, YES THE Amy Fisher, has a sex tape out. Apparently her husband put it out there. Good or bad thing?

Either way, in the interview that I read, all she talks about is how good it is to be paid just to go places or appear at a club or do interviews. Everyone knows who she is and what she has done in the past, what the hell are people doing encouraging this?

Whatever, that's news I guess.

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Britney Spears: What's up With That? Part II

I am sure that you all read the story this morning about Britney Spears being taken to a hospital after a 3 hour standoff at her home. The standoff was caused by Britney not wanting K-fed to take their 2 young sons, as was planned.

You can see multiple photos online I am sure and one officer at the scene stated that Britney appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. We all know what that means, right?

Well, if you don't, it just means that she is still on the long train wreck scene in a movie that will not end soon enough!

January 2, 2008

Fantasy Football is Over

Well, I tried a new tactic for the last 2 weeks of the season, but to no avail. I finished in 3 place (1 place from payout), but still feel like I did a pretty good job. I did win 2 weeks, so I got my entry money back. That is all I ask usually.

The last 3-4 weeks were terrible with point spreads and weather being the 2 main factors I couldn't get a pick right if I tried. Better luck next year, thanks for following along.

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