April 20, 2007

We Can Finally Enjoy the Weather

Now that Spring has finally decided it was time to show up for work, at least in the Midwest, people are crawling out of the wood work to get outside and enjoy every bit of sun that they can. "It's valuable!", says one excited resident, "You have to get out and about otherwise before you know it Winter is here again."

That's right folks, Winter is right around the corner again. I depend on Accuweather.com's forcast to keep me smiling as long as the sun is out and the temp isn't -10. They show radar, satellite images, 1, 5, 10, or 15 day forcasts and I must say they are quite accurate :)

Check out the site so you know when you can expect to get sun burn this time of year. You can also have them send email updates of the weather in case you never leave your computer long enough to look out the window.

Google stock is UP, UP, UP!!

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