September 29, 2007

Need Backup? They Got it Covered!

If you need emergency then please take a look at They provide the offsite backup that you need when you need it, no matter where you are! The service can be used by businesses and everyday consumers. Check it out today.

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Go Brewers!

Looks like the Milwaukee Brewers are going to finish 2nd in their division. It has been a disappointing couple of weeks, but they hung in there and now they can say they stayed above .500. They have one more game to go and if they win they will be above .500 bythree games. Go Brew Crew!

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September 28, 2007

Freeze It Pain Relief Gel

I was selected to try the new pain relief gel called Freeze It. I got two packets in the mail (see picture) with instructions on what I was supposed to do. Well, at the time my fiance has a soar neck and my lower back was killing me after a long day at work, so we both decided to give it a try.

I applied the gel from one packet onto the neck and upper back of my fiance and she applied the second one to my lower back. What I felt right away was the cold. Immediately I felt cold in that area and the scent was not too overwhelming at all. It was actually quite nice. My fiance mentioned that she could feel the gel working for at least 4 hours. I felt the same time period was about right. I would say it works well compared to other pain relief gels that are stinky and slimey at the same time.

The one other thing that I noticed was that the gel did NOT leave any greasy feeling on my back. It felt sort of odd with a tshirt on, but I think that's because my nerves were feeling that cold feeling you get when you apply the Freeze It gel. We have both discussed using it again and when we would be able to get some more. The results were great after one application of the Freeze It gel. We were both satisfied and glad to have been chosen to give it a try for free. Here is more information on the product that we tested.

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September 27, 2007

Man Saws House in Half

Did you see this story? Apparently a man, upset that he couldn't buy a house, decided to take a saw to it and cut it IN HALF! Yes, in half. On the website there is a video as well. According to reports, a friend of this guy was building the house and was supposed to sell it to him when completed. When his friend said no go, dude went crazy and cut it up. Apparently he went all the way around and the only thing that was keeping the home together was GRAVITY. Dude gets to go to court now and explain. How nice!

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September 26, 2007

One item, 24 Hours and YES, you NEED it! is a new web site that offers a new HOT product everyday at MIDNIGHT. It is only for sale for 24 hours, then it's gone! All you need is a account and the need for the hottest technology items on the market. The website is simple, clean and fast. The offer is only good until it's sold out, so act fast. If you like music and gadgets, then head over to and give it a shot, remember to stop back everyday for a new deal!

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Sutherland Arrested for DUI

Another DUI for "24" star, Keiffer Sutherland. This time he is out on $25,000 bail. I thought, what the heck is with that bail being so high, then I remembered that he most likely has deep pockets so the courts figured they better dig in there a little.

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Everybody Wants a Digital Camera, Right?

I own a digital camera and I am not sure what I would do without it! A couple of years ago I finally broke down and paid the $200 for a nice 5MP Kodak EasyShare. It takes excellent digital pictures and even video with sound. I like to take pictures of my family, pets and severe weather. I have a bunch of photos of lightening and cloud formations. Those pictures would make a good weather scrap book. Now that I think about it, I have other scrapbook page ideas I could do with my pictures. I like weather because it seems to never be the same and changes every year. You just never know what you are going to see.

Sometime soon I would like to hook up with a digital camcorder that records right to disc. That you make scrap booking or archiving a lot easier.

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September 23, 2007

"Britney Guy" making it big

You have seen this "guy" all over the Internet and Now this Internet superstar is going to have his own television show. That's right, apparently being posted all over the Internet is a good thing. This guy started video blogging about 1 year ago, but everyone will remember him by the one video he did following Britney's horrible performance on MTV Music Awards. The short video shows Crocker, his stage name, defending Britney and saying that if "anyone has a problem with her, you can deal with me".

Whatever gets you to the top, but he should remember what got him there. I am sure he won't most over night stars don't once they get all caught up in the rock-n-roll atmosphere.

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XYZ Bikes: Affiliate Program

You saw the post about xyz bikes, now you can join their affiliate program and earn money just for advertising their products. These bikes are wicked cool and would make an excellent Christmas gift for anyone who likes to cruise the beach or around the city.

Getting on one of these bikes has got to be so relaxing and comfortable to cruise around on. Plus the designs are so cool looking (see picture). Now, you can earn money by promoting the bikes you see at That's right, just post a banner or two and you will earn commission on every sale your banner generates! See the affiliate program page for more details.

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September 22, 2007

The Jena 6 - What if they were all White?

I can't help myself with this one. What if all the boys were white? All of them, all 6 where white. It can happen, right? Kids hate other kids and they get a crazy idea from the "great idea maker" in the group and then one kid is in the hospital, while the others try and stay out of prison. Would we be getting this kid of news at the top of every hour? Maybe for the first day, but not like we are getting right now.

It's ridiculous to compare the two, but you just have to ask yourself, what the hell?

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September 21, 2007

Post of the Day: Grandfather Clocks

Do you own any grandfather clocks? Does it have a unique design? Well, I would choose a grandfather clock from the website. They have a nice selection of new clocks for just about any decor you have. This one, which I think is extremely unique and refreshing, would look great in my living area on a hardwood floor! also has a blog,, with information posts like how to move your clock. The blog is full of information and has all the brands of grandfather clocks you can think of. Each category has multiple entries for plenty of reading.

Grandfather clocks are great for families and can be passed on for years to come. Some grandfather clocks will be passed through a family for almost 100 years. That is an indication of how well these clocks are built and how many years they can add a bit of elegance to your home.

1 also have watches and fine jewelry for you to browse while you are looking for your next grandfather clock. They offer volume discounts and will even create a custom clock just for you. The website is certified and they even have eBay auctions with over 99% positive feedback!

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2 Students Shot in Deleware

Just reported on Google News that 2 students from Delaware State University were shot and are listed in serious condition. The shooter is still at large. The two have been taken to an area hospital, and are likely to survive. The gates at the campus have been closed to prevent access to the grounds and crews are working quickly to round up an evidence they can.

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September 19, 2007 WorldWide City Breaks

If you are headed on vacation or don't know where to go on your annual vacation, why not check out city breaks section. It will show you a list of the coolest cities to visit, worldwide! If you are looking to get away for a week or just a couple of days, will be able to help you plan the short break of your dreams. From booking cheap flights, car hire and hotels, you will be able to plan out your whole vacation. The website is also loaded with a ton of vacation ideas for every occasion, including spas and beach information. Visit the website today and checkout the latest information about planning city breaks.

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OJ Simpson has to be Stopped!

What next for this z-lister? The guy is obviously hard up for money, doesn't want to pack groceries for money or get a real job with his sports background. Now he is being accused of robbing a guy? What the heck is next, kidnapping and a hostage situation leading to murder suicide? Man, it's been a while since he made quality news, but I must say that this is quite an interesting story so far. I am sure it will get better.

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September 17, 2007

Trusted Places Online Community

I have never been to London, let alone any of the London bars, but if I ever travel that way (if my fiance has her way) I will certainly checkout For recommendations for dining, drinking or just hanging out in London. The website has undergone changes and you can get more information and recommendations then ever before. Check it out today and enjoy your night on the town!

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What a Game!

Did any of you see the Cleveland-Cinncinati game yesterday? Now it's football like that which makes me love to watch it on TV. I am sure it would have been even better to be in the stands. How exciting is that? If you were at the game, would you mind leaving a comment for our readers?

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September 16, 2007 - Have you Been Here?

Everyone knows what Black Friday is right? The largest shopping day of the year and happens every year the day after Thanksgiving (in the US that is). Black Friday is usually when you see the best shopping deals of the year at just about any store in your area. Prices are dropped, they run early bird specials to get you up and shopping by 6AM. It's usually a bit hectic, but at the same time, you can really save yourself a lot of money. With thanksgiving deals, located at, you will notice customer friendly web site that will email you when the new "black Friday" ads are released. They have deals and specials on products you can purchase without even leaving your home or office.

Here we have a list of Best Buy Deals for black Friday this year. Being the electronics geek that I am, I would keep an eye on this list, but there are many other stores available. With thanksgiving deals, you will be able to see what's on sale and you won't have to stand in any long lines or wake-up at 4AM just to be the first at the store. Sign up for the email alert and everything will be just fine!

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September 12, 2007

Britney has Fans (?)

Until I read that fans of Britney Spears are defending her (VMA antics) online. I guess the question here is that she STILL has fans. She has been all over the place and then some so much lately, I would have imagined that at least some of her fans dumped her for the next biggest thing.

Guess I was wrong, or maybe it's because I don't really care about it anymore than being entertained by the news following her around "just in case" she flips again :)

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Hate Diets? Cheat on this one and WIN!

This brand new online diet dubbed the Cheat to Lose Diet, is something I haven't seen before and you just never know, it might be the one you've been waiting for!

It actually works when you CHEAT on your diet! Yes, you read it right. You cheat with french fried and ice cream, you are going to speed up the weight loss in your body. It's all about getting your body into the "fat burning zone".

With the Cheat to Lose Diet you will be able to track your progress, chat within the community online, plan your balanced meals and studies prove that people lose more weight when they diet with people as opposed to dieting alone! Get with it, check out the Cheat to Lose Diet website and sign up today!

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What is up with the NFL?

Now they are accusing coaches in the NFL of cheating? NOW? It's been happening for a long time, right? Isn't that why there are more than one signal guy or the reason the offensive coaches are covering their mouths when they speak?

It's been going around for a while, but has any coach every videotaped the opponents signals? Not sure on that, but is it really a big deal? If the TV cameras are pointed just right, you can see them from your couch.

Big deal!

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September 10, 2007 - Global Virtual Calling Cards

Hey Posties! If you sign up with, you get $8 in FREE calls! Need to make a phone call usinginternational prepaid phone cards? Check out for more details on how you can make worldwide cellular calls up to 90% cheaper than normal. If you sign up with, use coupon code "ppp3" and receive $25 in calls for just $17! Besides this great deal, you will get $5 free just for signing up with

It doesn't stop there, has an affiliate program too. Earn $15 for every person you refer to Even if you don't make any calls withinternational prepaid phone cards you can still earn money with If you have a website or blog, spread the word and earn money at the same time. $15 per person referred is a sizable amount for doing little to nothing. is the leader in international calling cards, there are no hidden fees or surprises. One price, one card and you are all set!

You also get access to Pingo’s RateWatcher™! This saves you from the trouble of trying to find the best rates for a international prepaid phone cards. With all of these great things to offer, there shouldn't be any reason why you wouldn't visit, just to check them out. Don't forget the coupon code: ppp3

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September 9, 2007

My Dog Eats Water

Look everyone, my dog is a Star!

Please vote for her and show your friends, she likes it when I read the comments to her.

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September 7, 2007 Heard of It?

Free Ringtones are all over the internet. But what Cellfish has that other websites do not is amazing. The website is so easy to use. If you ever need to change your Cellfish lockers email and text message settings, you can do so by visiting your "My Account" area.

Just blazing through the website I found this little tid bit.

Isn't he funny? I dont' know, he makes me laugh and he has tons of other things on too. Did you know that you can download that video to your phone from my blog post? That's right, using's locker technology, you can send anything from the website to another persons "locker". The demostration video can be found here.
Each user has their own "locker", or storage area on There you can store Free Ringtones, videos, images from your phone. You can upload them to the site or share them with your friends.

The service is compatible with most cellular phone companies, including; Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony Ericsson phones and available on AT&T Cingular, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile®, Sprint, Nextel, Virgin Mobile, Suncom, Alltel, Cellular One, Boost, Amp'd Mobile, Midwest Wireless, nTelos, and Cellular South. So there shouldn't be any reason in your mind not to join.

So, go to the web site and join, it is free and you get access to Free Ringtones and more.

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More drugs in the MLB

No, MLB is not some ghetto, run down part of some city. It also is not some distant drug haven in the mountains. It is short for MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. That's right, more drugs, although prescription, are being found used by more players. How pathetic is that? They should just go for an MRI, don't you think?

Major League Baseball asked Friday to meet with Rick Ankiel and Troy Glaus after the pair were accused of receiving performance-enhancing drugs from a Florida pharmacy under investigation for illegally distributing prescription medications.

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September 6, 2007 offers obesity options

If you have ever been over weight or have been through ever singly diet program you can imagine, but without the results you want, then take a look at's options for obesity surgery. They offer support groups, message boards, recipes, tips for success, because it's their goal to provide a new you for life.

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Tenor Pavarotti Dies, you know the big singer guy?

Tenor Pavarotti dies at the age of 71 yesterday from complications with pancreatic cancer. He was at his home in Italy.

"The Maestro fought a long, tough battle against the pancreatic cancer which eventually took his life. In fitting with the approach that characterised his life and work, he remained positive until finally succumbing to the last stages of his illness," the statement said.

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September 5, 2007

Costume Contest for Halloween from

Have you ever been to a Halloween costume contest? I am sure you've dressed up for at least ONE Halloween in your life and for sure someone snapped a photo of that great moment.

Well, now you can enter one online at Simply submit your photo with caption, description and keyword tags, then you are set to go. Mine is here:

I thought about designing a costume that would make me look a little like a tack from The “tack” is used commonly with the website and the users. Since I am now blogging for them exclusively I figured why not give a little back :) Check it out and vote for me :) If you are stuck about a unique idea, maybe you can get some at Star Costumes blog. I was so excited about my costume that I wrote a short poem, here goes.
I will be a tack,
not one in your back.
Pointy, sharp and small,
I'm the most liked of all.

How do you like that? I wrote a poem as I was typing it lol. I hope you enjoyed the post and don't forget to check out the Halloween costume contest. Don’t forget to vote and if you want to blog about this, go ahead and leave a trackback :)

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