April 28, 2007

Work: Day 3 out of 3

Today I am sitting here at work, yes on a Saturday, with a crap load of things to do, but no ambition to do so. I work in a factory that is clean, smaller and full of people that just "love" their jobs :) Who am I kidding? Who likes to work?

Now that the temps are starting to climb before 8AM, having to work is even more difficult than it was when was 15 degrees outside. Oh yeah, that was only 2 weeks ago! Stupid weather.

Anyways, today is my last day of my 3-day work week :) The 4 days off that I have coming up are looking pretty darn nice at this point. Hopefully the weather holds just where it is at right now. I will be keeping my figures crossed.

Well, I should get back to what I do for a living, at least for now, then maybe my day will cruise by just a little faster.

**Suggested Song Download of the Day**
The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground


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