February 17, 2010

Snickers Collect and Win Contest - Cash in With Snackonomics.com

Do you eat candy bars? Well, what about Snickers bars? I love the peanuts and caramel type snack bars so they are right up my alley. Now Snickers is running a contest and you get codes for the sweepstakes right from your candy bar wrapper. How much easier can that be?

    What can you win?
  • How about $225,000 towards your mortgage
  • $5,000 towards your car payments
  • $50,000 towards a years salary
  • and more!

It looks like Snickers wants to give you some money, huh? Well, the first thing that I would do, besides check ebay for snickers codes, is run out and get a 6 pack of bars and see what you can win!
Get all the information you need about the contest here.

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