April 23, 2007

Ads on This Blog

I am sitting here this afternoon trying to decide if I should just drop the auctionads.com ads AND the YPN ads from my blog. I am interested in blogging and wouldn't mind to make a little extra money from it, but I am just not sure if it makes my blog appear "hokey" if you will. I want my readers to be able to feel like coming back for more reading and enjoy their stay without ads popping up all over the place at them. I don't feel like the auctionads.com ads are in the way, I actually think it's a great idea for bloggers. You just never know when people are going to see something they want, especially hard to find items on eBay!

I do have some posts on here from payperpost.com, and that is the way I plan to make most of the money on this blog. I have to try and find a topic or niche to place this blog around and hopefully the reader loyalty will start to mount. Comment if you have any suggestions.