April 23, 2007

Windows: blinds or curtains?

As I sit here and look at my living room windows, I wonder if they would look better with just curtains, curtain/blind combo or just blinds? Right now, they currently have white blinds and a lacey type curtain behind that. Not really sure why that is, but it may or may not be for decoration. Otherwise it may be because when the blinds are open, the curtains still provide some sort of privacy from the outside world. Either way, that is what we have now and I guess I will have to remove one or the other to see how they look. In the meantime, I can check out what blinds are available at Terrys Fabrics.

I, personally, like blinds because they can be both closed all the way, or opened, by the turn of the rod or pull of the strings. Curtains, to me, always seemed so old fashioned. Anywho, I would like to let you know that Terry Fashions sells blinds and other window treatments.

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