March 31, 2006

Child Support, yeah it's needed, but......

.....I just recently spoke with a friend with which whom I work with about child support. He was telling me about his sister and the "DEAD BEAT" she married however many years ago, and how he barely pays a penny. Well, what does this person expect? DEAD BEATS are DEAD BEATS. Why do people think they will father a child and be like, "Ok, I will pay that a month for my son or daughter", when they really don't give a damn about the child to begin with. If they are DEAD BEATS, they are always going to be dead beats. With that said, the real reason I am writing about the child support today. He goes on to say that his ex-brother-in-law has his wages garnished by a certain company, probably a middleman really, and then they send his sister the money they garnished and etc.

After 3 months of waiting for another child support check, she opens the mailbox and FINALLY, another check. Quick to open the check and see what the greaseball has to offer after 3 months of working, or she assumes, and the check is for ONE CENT! ONE CENT! I am not sure if I am more frustrated about the guy not owning up to his responsibility or the fact that this "middleman" actaully sent out a check for ONE CENT! Wasted paper and envelope AND stamp to do this. What a pain in the ass it is to hear things like this. But I guess if that's all the guy had to offer after 3 months, maybe it was better that the mom and child moved on.


March 25, 2006

Eccentric Ed's Eclecticisms: WHAT THIS BLOG IS ALL ABOUT - NOW LISTEN UP!

Eccentric Ed's Eclecticisms: WHAT THIS BLOG IS ALL ABOUT - NOW LISTEN UP!

Read this post by the "Ed". We should all keep an eye on this guy for sure. He is quite interesting to say the least.

March 24, 2006

Did you know you will get cold, if you are outside in the cold?

Just thinking about some of the things that Amercia thinks they need to tell us and one comes to my mind. Why do forcasters always tell us that we shouldn't be outside when it's dangerously cold? Isn't this more common sense than anything else? This may not make sense to the person reading this blog that hasn't ever made a desicion on their own, but what about those of us who have?

I am not saying the forcaster is only telling us this for that reason, I am saying that don't they think we KNOW we shouldn't be outside in the 30 degree-below-zero windchill unless it's life or death?

Anyways, thing like this make me think. And that's all it is, my mind wandering and the possibility it may not make any sense to anyone, but me.


Poor Reebok, did you hear?

Reebok just recalled like 300,000 bracelets that they gave away with a purchase of a pair of athletic shoes. Well, it turns out the charm bracelets are 99% LEAD! Causing a 4-year old from Minn. to die from LEAD poisoning. Almost nothing contains lead these days for this purpose, what are these peopling thinking about?

Just an article snip from

"A different charm, obtained by investigators from the same brand of shoes, was found to contain 68 percent lead. The safety threshold for lead content in jewelry is 0.006 percent, per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission."

What is up with this? I don't understand the process of how people involved in this promotion never had this looked into. These types of things are just thought about a ONE meeting and Joe Promo Leader gets up and says "ok, sounds good, order 300,000 of them from anywhere from anyone". There is a couple meetings at least, thought processes involved and there may or may not even be a focus group involved. But nobody ever thought about what the things were made of or even checked into it. Well let me be one to say, too bad for Reebok, they are a big name with resources for this sort of thing. I am sure some guy sits in his office and gets paid enough to determine if things like this may ever happen.

If you have one of these bracelets, please just get rid of it. And don't forget to join the class action suit if there is one.

More later....