September 10, 2007 - Global Virtual Calling Cards

Hey Posties! If you sign up with, you get $8 in FREE calls! Need to make a phone call usinginternational prepaid phone cards? Check out for more details on how you can make worldwide cellular calls up to 90% cheaper than normal. If you sign up with, use coupon code "ppp3" and receive $25 in calls for just $17! Besides this great deal, you will get $5 free just for signing up with

It doesn't stop there, has an affiliate program too. Earn $15 for every person you refer to Even if you don't make any calls withinternational prepaid phone cards you can still earn money with If you have a website or blog, spread the word and earn money at the same time. $15 per person referred is a sizable amount for doing little to nothing. is the leader in international calling cards, there are no hidden fees or surprises. One price, one card and you are all set!

You also get access to Pingo’s RateWatcher™! This saves you from the trouble of trying to find the best rates for a international prepaid phone cards. With all of these great things to offer, there shouldn't be any reason why you wouldn't visit, just to check them out. Don't forget the coupon code: ppp3

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