September 28, 2007

Freeze It Pain Relief Gel

I was selected to try the new pain relief gel called Freeze It. I got two packets in the mail (see picture) with instructions on what I was supposed to do. Well, at the time my fiance has a soar neck and my lower back was killing me after a long day at work, so we both decided to give it a try.

I applied the gel from one packet onto the neck and upper back of my fiance and she applied the second one to my lower back. What I felt right away was the cold. Immediately I felt cold in that area and the scent was not too overwhelming at all. It was actually quite nice. My fiance mentioned that she could feel the gel working for at least 4 hours. I felt the same time period was about right. I would say it works well compared to other pain relief gels that are stinky and slimey at the same time.

The one other thing that I noticed was that the gel did NOT leave any greasy feeling on my back. It felt sort of odd with a tshirt on, but I think that's because my nerves were feeling that cold feeling you get when you apply the Freeze It gel. We have both discussed using it again and when we would be able to get some more. The results were great after one application of the Freeze It gel. We were both satisfied and glad to have been chosen to give it a try for free. Here is more information on the product that we tested.

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