September 5, 2007

Costume Contest for Halloween from

Have you ever been to a Halloween costume contest? I am sure you've dressed up for at least ONE Halloween in your life and for sure someone snapped a photo of that great moment.

Well, now you can enter one online at Simply submit your photo with caption, description and keyword tags, then you are set to go. Mine is here:

I thought about designing a costume that would make me look a little like a tack from The “tack” is used commonly with the website and the users. Since I am now blogging for them exclusively I figured why not give a little back :) Check it out and vote for me :) If you are stuck about a unique idea, maybe you can get some at Star Costumes blog. I was so excited about my costume that I wrote a short poem, here goes.
I will be a tack,
not one in your back.
Pointy, sharp and small,
I'm the most liked of all.

How do you like that? I wrote a poem as I was typing it lol. I hope you enjoyed the post and don't forget to check out the Halloween costume contest. Don’t forget to vote and if you want to blog about this, go ahead and leave a trackback :)

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