February 16, 2007

Las Vegas shelter kills 1,000 dogs, cats

Don't you think the management in charge at this place would be able to see this is happening? I have soft spot for any animal and I just can't imagine not taking care of one's problems so long that 1,000 others suffer from it. When you are in charge of this many there should be some standard policies and procedures in place. At least then, if one person isn't following the procedure, they can be canned and it may save the life of other animals.

On a side note, I think that these shelters are over populated because there are too many people that take a pet in and don't stick around to be responsible for the pets care. The next step is taking it to a shelter for someone else to take care off it. These people should not be allowed to ever adopt again. One time I can understand if it slips through the cracks, but if this person is bringing pets in all the time cause they "can't" (or don't) want to take care of them, they should be blacklisted. My opinion of course. And to have your pet spayed or neutered will help keep the population under control.

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