February 4, 2007

Guys that have girls, but still look for others

I am sitting here listening to a guy, who has a girl, talk about how many "bitches" emailed him today. What is he doing? Why is he with someone that, which seems obvious, he doesn't want to be with? Everyday he goes into his email and excitedly reads through them one by one. Talking about how all these hot "bitches" want to be with him, but are from another country. YEP! He is getting scammed and thinks all these woman want to be with HIM! What a moron! He will stay in contact with them, whether it's one day or month, until the woman asks for money to get into the country. I just sit here and nod my head and think, what an idiot, I thought everyone in the world knew about those scams. It also makes me think that he may have sent money once already and that is why the communication stops at the money part. Who knows, all it does is add to my daily entertainment. I have to be at work anyways, why not enjoy a little bit of it?

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