February 20, 2007

Churches and the good old exorcism

I like to watch "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel when I have time. One thing that I always found interesting is that when there is a demonic spirit bothering a family, a church will have no problem telling them they have some demons, but have a HUGE problem helping them with it.

What I have noticed in a couple of shows most recently was the first thing the priest asks is if they are a member of the church. WTF? Should this matter? You telling me that if I was a member (and I think they mean "paying" member) I would get help faster? I think that is such a crock. Or, you have the priest trying to tell you it's nothing, because there is this underlying feeling that he doesn't want anyone else in the church to hear about it and freak everyone out.

I just don't think that they should even question what religion you are. If you go to any church for help, they should be willing. Right? Am I over the line on this one? I guess I always thought one safe place I could get help was a church, but now I am thinking quite differently about it.

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