July 17, 2007

Jon Lovitz Kills Andy Dick, oh wait, I am Dreaming Again!

I am sure that all of you have seen or heard about Jon Lovitz laying the smack down on Andy Dick recently at the Laugh Factory. Well, if you didn't, here is my take on it.

This goes way back when Jon accused Dick of giving Phil Hartman's wife cocaine after she had been sober for nearly 10 years. 5 months later, Phil was dead. Jon did not let that part of this life go anytime soon.

At a recent stand-up event in LA at the Laugh Factory. A drunk Andy Dick told Lovitz that he had put the "Phil Hartman Hex" on him as well. When asked what he meant, Andy said that he only mentioned that because Lovitz said Andy killed Phil, which he never actually said.

Shortly after that, Andy asked Jon to be in his next movie. The next thing Andy knew, was he was being tossed about before security guards put a stop to it. Nice, Andy Dick is funny sometimes, but crossing the line is not funny most of the time.

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