December 1, 2007

Is the Weather Going to Rock the Midwest?

Looking through Google Trends this morning I was surprised to see that one of the top 20 searches was for road conditions in Nebraska. I was reading the weather for today in yesterdays paper, so I am aware of what we are supposed to be getting hit with. I just didn't think that many people went to Google to check for road conditions. Don't you see this as strange? Here is a radar snapshot at for the Midwest for today, time reads 10:19 am EST.
Looks like we could be in for some sort of mess. Snow, rain, sleet, ice, rain and more snow. Plus the temps are going to go from 20's to 0 and back to 20's be this time tomorrow. I think this one is gonna hurt a little. Stay tuned, as long as the power is on, I will be blogging about it :)

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