December 16, 2007 Sucks

I am sure by now you have read or seen the footage of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Well, did you get a look at the post on I think they are pathetic for making sarcastic remarks about her like they did. It's bad enough that this country, yes country, is going to hell in a hand basket, but now we have to deal with people like this. There is enough depression, anxiety and lack of self-confidence to go around the way it is. Why do people like the ones posting at feel like they have to add to it? Can we see pictures of all the folks at so that we can polk fun at what we think isn't perfect about them? Oh wait, WE wouldn't do that.

I just read another post, here, about this topic and think that blogger has valid points. I hate the paparazzi anyways, but this really sucks to see them doing this to people. How IS perfect? WHAT is perfect? And who the hell decided they could be the judge of what is or isn't perfect?

It floors me that celebs and Hollywood, in general, make these types of things "news" and rub it into the faces of people across the globe. isn't the only one to blame here, I think we are pathetic as a whole in the USA.

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