November 6, 2007

Fiance Started a Blog, Give it a Visit or Two

The other day I was talking about my blog(s) and my fiance was actually interested in what I was saying. This is sort of rare since all I talk about is business and the money I make online. But either way, she showed some interest and really wanted to learn more. She has had a blog for a bunch of years now, through, and wanted to "revive" it and give this whole blogging this a try.

I said great, we started by getting her a domain name so she can own her own and installed the latest version of Wordpress on it. In the meantime she is going to be posting on her 'old' blog seen at She is such a great writer and I really think that blogging will be right up her alley.

So, take a minute and visit her blog and see what you think. I know you'll love the writing style!

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Sam said...

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