November 6, 2007

I LOVED Skateboarding Back in the Day

Today I am going to review, This review works out real well for me since I did skateboard for about 10-12 years. That was back before, through and after highschool. Also before I realized I was going to have to get a job and grow up a little.

With well over 100 brands to choose from, has everything you can imagine for your skateboarding needs. Clothing on special, DVDs discounted, complete decks and even pads if you need those. The layout looks great and I LOVE the colors. The navigation flows real nice and an email sign up for deals and specials. also offers FREE shipping on orders over $150 and since everything is in the warehouse, it will ship within 24 hours. You can build your own complete deck or choose from a variety of others that are sold as completes. Get long boards and cruiser boards too. Those are perfect if you live near the beach and love to cruise the boardwalk.

The prices are reasonable and you will find items on sale in just about every single category. I am glad there are still companies out there that provide kids with an option to buy skateboarding equipment, at least they have an option if there isn't a skateboard shop right in the town they live in.

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