July 10, 2007

Kill Babies in Iraq? What the heck is this about?

Take a look at this picture, what do you make of it? It's from a local newspaper article about a double amputee from IRAQ that is fighting to walk again.

That was nice story, but then I looked at the photo again and noticed the words "Kill Babies" in large bold print on the American flag. WTF is that about? I cannot, and usually don't, jump to conclusions, but the flag looks like a going away (or coming home) present signed by friends or fellow soldiers.

I would have to assume, based solely on the words used, that whomever signed that name with those words, meant to kill babies over in IRAQ, right? I thought long about putting this picture up, because I tried to find another reason or meaning behind what that person wrote, before posting and making a big deal out of it. I cannot come up with any good situation based on what is written there. (if you can't see it, it's in the upper left center of the picture written in a white striped area)

I have finally decided to post it and get other opinions on whether it's a good thing or exactly what I think it is. If it's what I think it is, it certainly is NOT good. War is bad enough a thing to worry about when you are over there, or know someone that was deployed, without having to add issues like this into the mix. There are many things going on there that none of us know about I am sure, but I would HATE to think that our soldiers are sent over there with a message like that in the back of their minds.

War is different from back in the day, everyone has heard horror stories about bombs strapped to children and whatnot, but I really did not like to see that written (on the flag no less) as a message to this man going to IRAQ. Is that really what people over here are thinking about when they see a friend getting deployed? Would that be the message you want to send with him?

Or maybe it's not even his flag, does that matter? I would think not, because the note is still there regardless of who owns the flag. I am just trying to figure out the reason, other than bad ones or poor judgement on the writers part, to make this sit well with me. I doubt I will, but hoped I could count on a reader or two to shed some other ideas or thoughts on the photo.

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