July 11, 2007

Bud Selig says "Forget You Barry Bonds"

Just kidding. When asked about attending the record-breaking event sometime soon, Bud replied,

"It will have to be played by ear, I do have a day job."
Yup, sounds like snub to me. At least if I was Bud Selig I would certainly snub him. What right does Barry Bonds have to celebrate if he breaks the record? Big deal, Barry, you cheated and won. How does that really make you the winner?

I liked Barry Bonds back in the day, I followed everything he did. I even had him on my fantasy roster when I was a little kid playing baseball in the backyard, but with all the events leading up to this "record breaker", I am disgusted that he will even be honored. Whatever, baseball is boring anyways, unless there is a bench clearing brawl :)

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