July 11, 2007

Godaddy Has Domain Names, You Know?

I like Godaddy.com. They have an exceptionally well designed website. When you have a domain or two with them, the services they offer are second to none. I think at this time I have about 10 domains there and looking to transfer at least 5 more from other places.

I don't have any hosting through them though. I am not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. They are cheap, don't get me wrong, I just like the aspect of having a full service back end, so when I find one I stick with it for as long as I can.

Right now I have a couple of sites hosted by Dot5hosting.com. They are reasonably priced with a typical php back end. You can host up to 6 names on one hosting account. That works well with me and all my other blog type projects. Cheap hosting at like 72 bucks a year, now add 5 other domains and you have cheap hosting for 6 sites. They do have a file cap of 50,000 which I found out the other day for the first time. Not a big deal, I just have to learn to weed out the files I no longer need right away.

Anyways, if you are looking for a domain or hosting, check out Godaddy.com and Dot5hosting.com for more information.

Just a quick plug.

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