June 7, 2007

Spoiled Brats and the Future of the World

We have all seen them, spoiled little brats that get everything they want because of one or more reasons. Some of these reasons may include; their parents have all the money they need and don't have a problem dishing it out to keep the brats from whining or because they are too lazy to teach the brat responsibility. Or it could be both, or a variety of other reasons.

The reason I bring this up is because I watched a mother of a child, couldn't have been more than 5 years old, let him run around a picnic, his school was throwing for end of the school year, in his socks. That's not all. This "child" was allowed ONE cup of soda per the school lunch program as long as they also got food. Well, guess what, I was the one giving out said soda at this picnic. I watched this brat come up and try to get soda at least 1 time on his own. I understand that he is FIVE. One time I can understand, but then I watched him go get his mom (shortly after myself and another told him he could have ONE) and bring her up so she could get him another soda.

Kids are tricksters, but what's up with "mom"? I know she can read the signs that were clearly posted stating that only ONE cup of soda per person was allowed. Why would she allow herself to feed all this soda to the brat instead of telling him he can only have one?

What's the big deal you ask? Well, the entire school eats in shifts and the kitchen workers have to "count" all the food and beverages for the children ahead of time to make sure they are all getting their portion for the day. The same is done for this picnic. All the soda is counted out so that everyone gets ONE cup. There is a couple extra built in, but that is not the point. This "mom" that is allowing her child more soda than he is allotted for, is ruining it for everyone else at the picnic. If we run out, students are without soda and asking why? If we tell them the little brats of the bunch kept coming up for more, what are they going to do about it?

The future of this country will be run by these brats. They are the ones that will be handed everything they ever needed and shown that with little or no effort, you can have what you want. Forget the hard working stiff that is trying to become manager at the company he has worked at for 15 years and never missed a day. This brat will be there the day the promotions are handed out and because the brat's mother and father have a large stake in said company, guess who will get promoted?

Anyone who opposes dare not say anything or be out casted from society forever. How pathetic is this?

Song of the Day:

"Short skirt and a long jacket" by Cake


Janna said...

Actually I agree with you completely. Kids are horrible these days, and the parents just let it happen. There's no such thing as discipline any more, and that's a shame.
It's also frustrating for those of us who have to watch it happen.

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[sukosaki] said...

Thank you for the comment. Isn't it just sad to not be able to do anything but watch it happen?