June 5, 2007

Pingo: PrePaid Calling Cards

Prepaid calling card provider, Pingo.com phone cards are a service of iBasis, which is a public company (NASDAQ: IBAS) and one of the largest carriers of international VoIP phone calls in the world. Pingo.com is offering my readers $5 in FREE calls if you sign up with them through the following link. I have been looking for a cheap phone card to use internationally for some time. They have a $25 Gift Card Give-a-way going on right now. The gift cards are valid at 9 online merchants. Why Pingo? The cards have NO HIDDEN FEES, NO SURPRISES and the best competitive prices worldwide!

New Pingo.com users will get up to 4 hours of international calling time for FREE when they complete the sign up process. They also offer a feature call Pingo RateWatcher, which allows you to search all rates to find the lowest in the shortest amount of time and Pingo Mobile which saves you up to 90% off international cell phone rates.

I have prepaid calling cards in my vehicles just for emergencies, as well as, in my travel bag for when I am away from home. It's cheap security while you are away on vacation.

They also have an affiliate program that includes $15 in calls for every person you refer to the website. You can read about how it works or even go to pingo.com and search rates for specific countries.

Cards Available are:
Global Calling Card
China Phone Card
and many more at their website, www.pingo.com

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