June 19, 2007

New Show on USA Network: Burn Notice

Starting June 28th, USA Network's Burn Notice season will begin. On this date, Michael Weston, a CIA agent, will show us the true meaning of being a survivor.

If I were stranded without any resources it would sure make for a great television show! I wouldn't know what to do at first, but since I am usually quite resourceful, I am confident I would come of with something.

I could easily pan-handle for money, it's done everyday with people making thousands of extra dollars a year. I wouldn't have any extra clothes, so in a couple of days of sleeping on a park bench, I would most certainly look like a bum. Acting like one can't be that hard; sit down, write a sign, scream swear words at people and hold a cup out for money. Sounds pretty simple, although I am sure it isn't.

I would have to find a dry place to sleep. Under a bridge always sounded good, but I am sure all that prime real estate would be taken before I get there. Maybe in a dumpster? Nah, that's really pushing it. How about if I was able to find a spot in some woods and make a little tee pee? Yeah that would be fine.

The only thing that I would have a problem with is FOOD. I am not exactly the kind of guy that would stalk anything to kill it and eat it, but if I were hungry enough, maybe I could.

Check out the show, I have already got the DVR dialed in for this one.