June 2, 2007

Most Haunted LIVE!

Tonight the Travel Channel decided to put on a 6-7 hour live telecast of the TV show Most Haunted. For those of you that haven't ever seen it, oh wait, we all have seen the show. You know, the one with the woman that is always screaming and freaked out by every little noise and shadow she sees? Yup, that one, Most Haunted.

Tonight they are currently running this LIVE special for viewer at the Eastern State Penitentiary. We all remember this place from the last time the Ghost Hunters were there and captured a shadow figure on film. While watching the show tonight, a bunch of things have been happening. Everything from scratching crew members to tables being tossed about. The psychics on the show amaze me, they are actually coming up with real names and events according to the shows historian who is working hard in real time to find if any of the information is correct.

Watch the Most Haunted LIVE web cams NOW. How do you feel about Most Haunted vs. Ghost Hunters?

Song of the Day:
"American Idiot" by Green Day


NĂ³mada said...

You will probably find this ghost story interesting:

It is the video that was found in a car accident, in Sintra, Portugal...
The 2 guys and the girl were going to the mountain, at night, to hang out, and after getting lost, the pick up a strange hitchhiking girl, who says she had an accident...