June 1, 2007

Like eBay? This seems more FUN!

Ever hear of a website called bid4prizes.com? Well, the website has some excellent prizes that you can win. The only catch is this: you have to have the lowest bid to win. That's right! The lowest UNIQUE bid will win the auction.

Learn how to play and select the prizes that you want to win. Bid on them and wait for the auction to end. If you have the lowest bid that is UNIQUE you are the winner.

The prize list includes $500 cash, Ninetendo Wii,Tag Heuer Aquaracer 2000 Mens/Womens watch and even a Playstation 3! I would be all over this Playstation 3 System. I have been waiting to be able to afford the system, but it just hasn't happened yet. I am a gamer on the inside, I have had all the gaming systems in the past and would love it even more if I could WIN it.