June 1, 2007

Credit Card Companies Are So Bad

So, the other day I was talking with my dad about various nothings in particular. He brings up his Discover credit card and this situation he was in recently with them. It goes a little something like this.

He was currently paying $80 per month to this card. The interest rate was fixed at 7.9% for the life of the balance on the card, provided that he pays every month the minimum and yada yada yada. $80 was more than the minimum payment due.

Out of nowhere he gets his statement and there is a $39 late fee on it. While looking through the statement he sees a payment of $50. Looking back on his check book (way to old school for online payments) he sees it was made out to Discover for $80.

First thing he does is get on the phone with Discover to explain his displeasure with the statement. They tell him that there was a payment of $50 made, but it was late. He told the lady that he made a payment of $80 by check. She said nope you didn't, only $50 according to the computer. My dad then asked if the checks are run through a computer. "Yes they are" the lady says. "Well your computer f*cked up" says my dad.

All of a sudden the tone of this conversation changed. She says there is nothing she can do about it since the payment was in the computer already. So, as frustrated as he was, he explains that he will be sending payment WITH the $39 fee attached on the next payment. She says it would be just fine to do that.

What a crock huh? I guess if he would have paid online it wouldn't mistaken any numbers for others. Surprised that the computer didn't just put an additional zero on the end and call it good.