June 5, 2007

Help Me Find the Best Video Proof of a Ghost

I would like to ask all of my readers to help me find the best proof there is such thing as a ghost. I have searched and searched the internet, but still here of videos out there that are quite convincing.

I don't want to see the typical car commercial with the "ghost" at the end or all the fake webcam videos out there. I want to be a believer in the paranormal, but for that to be 100% belief, I need to see some proof. Either with my own eyes (which I haven't yet) or on a convincing amateur type video.

So, cruise the net, Google all day long, but find me something. Put the link in my comments section so I can find my way around. Thanks in advance and if this goes well, I will be running contests sponsored by JWS Electronics.

Song of the Day:

"Bull on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine