March 24, 2006

Did you know you will get cold, if you are outside in the cold?

Just thinking about some of the things that Amercia thinks they need to tell us and one comes to my mind. Why do forcasters always tell us that we shouldn't be outside when it's dangerously cold? Isn't this more common sense than anything else? This may not make sense to the person reading this blog that hasn't ever made a desicion on their own, but what about those of us who have?

I am not saying the forcaster is only telling us this for that reason, I am saying that don't they think we KNOW we shouldn't be outside in the 30 degree-below-zero windchill unless it's life or death?

Anyways, thing like this make me think. And that's all it is, my mind wandering and the possibility it may not make any sense to anyone, but me.



gysmo1 said...

Its true that you have to have the cold first, then going outside causes it.