November 19, 2007

Freeze It Gel Contest Entry

I did a post about FreezeIt Gel a little while back and now they are asking for a contest entries. This post will be my entry and tell a short tale about how FreezeIt Gel would be perfect prize to win. Attached is a caricature of my fiance :) Read on.

It all started about 2 years ago, my fiance was attending a college of cosmetology in a nearby city. Everything was going great, she liked coloring hair, applying makeup and doing nails of customers she saw everyday. This was an accelerated college, which means the staff would try and cram "4 years of college" into 2 years. My fiance was there at least 5 days a week, if not 6 to keep up and stay ahead of the game. Things were quite stressful and then it happened. One snowy winter day, she was walking down into the basement of the old school house turned college. While navigating around some boxes on the steps, she slipped and fell to the bottom of the steps. Her right leg practically bent all the way above her shoulder. Picture doing the splits down a flight of 10 steps. She was with someone, thank God, and they made sure she was ok.

She was so nervous on this day to begin with because she had just had her own hair cut and was worried about my reaction (which was not a bad reaction I might add). To top it off, she falls down the steps. At this time I was working night shift and was awakening by my fiance sitting on the bed crying. I asked what was wrong and the tears started to flow. What she hoped would be a normal day with a surprise for me (her new hair cut), turned into one of pain and embarrassment. She told me the whole story and I couldn't believe she didn't break any bone or tear anything in her legs.

She did say that her back was bothering her, but was told to sign a slip of paper regarding the school's responsibility in the accident (bad move, but she was a wreck already). They claimed that she wasn't wearing the proper shoes, which I immediately disagreed with. She was wearing Sketchers with a decent sole that would help her in the snow. Anyway, we did end up going to the doctor. She was admitted quickly at our local walk-in clinic and sent out just as fast. When I asked her how it went, she told me the doctor made her try and touch her toes, which she could normally, and she was unable to do so. In a round about way the doctor said she wasn't trying and shouldn't be lazy about it. Mind you, she is in pain now. The doctor did NOTHING for her.

Over the next year or so, her back doesn't seem to hurt as bad, but every once in a while, she will get a sharp pain shoot through her back. Obviously, the pain is still there to some extent.

With all of that said, I would like to mention that I was part of the Freeze It Gel product sampling. Let me tell you first hand, that stuff works! I was impressed at how well it seemed to react to the pain in my fiances lower back and neck. She loved it and said that it didn't smell like other pain relief gels she has tried. She even asked me if it was available to purchase. I told her I would look into and when this contest came up, I thought was a perfect situation. A one year supply of Freeze It Gel would be the perfect surprise prescription for my fiances back pain.

The gel is perfect for sore muscles, muscular strains and even arthritis. I can say from experience that your sore muscles will LOVE this gel. See the Freeze It Gel commercial below.