October 28, 2007

Trouble Making Dog in the Dog House?

How do you handle a trouble maker of a dog? Do you yell, wave your arms around and hope the dog knows what you are talking about? Do you take the dog and put them into a pen or kennel? Do you hit your dog?

All of these things might seem helpful, but really, there aren't diong you, or the dog, any good. We have all seen the dog whisperer on TV and wish we had his skills, but the reality of it is that we can learn from the TV show. It's more about how your present yourself and your attitude towards the dog. 90% of the time it's the owner over the dog, that actually has the problem.

Remember, if you are having issues with your dog, or any other pet, consult the internet. There are so many articles, forums and blogs to get the information you need to help control your pet. There are many ways to do it other than hitting it or yelling at it. Please make sure to take time to search before you make a bad situation worse.

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