October 28, 2007

St. Augustine Florida & Uptown Saturday Nights

Events in St. Augustine make your getaway to Florida even better. And there is a web site that can help you see just what you would be missing if you do not visit. The most talked about festival in St. Augustine is the Uptown Saturday Nights held 5pm to 9pm the last Saturday of every month in the Uptown San Marco Shopping District, St. Augustine (October 27th and November 24th).

Galleries, shopping malls, antique stores and more are showcased during the Uptown Saturday Nights. Meet artists or sit and enjoy some live bands. There is also refreshments provided, as well as, FREE parking. Next time I am in the area, I would definitely be checking out the live shows and art galleries. The other stuff would be fillers for me, but I am sure it is all a fun time for every one.

When you take a trip, like I have to do to get to Florida, you always want to make sure there is something to do. Especially if you have the whole family with you. The web site to cover the Events in St. Augustine, Florida, is packed with all types of information to help you when you travel.

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