August 30, 2007 is New to me, but seems nice!

Everyone knows how good you feel when you are able to talk about your problems. Well, is just the place for this. It is the #1 place for online journaling. To visit, please click here. wants to help it's users get through the tough days and moments in ones life. Write about your dreams, daily happenings, meetings at work, romance or just about anything you have in your mind. This new online tool is completely secure and a great way to work through your struggles of everyday life.

If you want to help improve the path that your life is taking, give a try. People with depression, anxiety and other illnesses find it comforting to write about their stresses daily.

To visit, please click here. Another tool they provide for users, helps them track their progress. It's called the Personal Progress Graph.

Members select questions from journaling-inspired categories or diagnosis-inspired categories.

When I write in my blog, sometimes it makes me feel a little better about the things I may be writing about. Having a journal online that is 100% secure is a huge help. Everyone spends some amount of time on the internet, if each one of them were to write about what is bothering them that day, maybe they would feel a little better the rest of the day. I don't think it's too much to ask a person to write a little 50-100 word blurb describing their day.

When the members of see the progress over a couple of months, it will blow their minds. How many times have you heard from someone that maybe you should talk about your problems, "you'll feel better"? Right, nothing should stop everyone reading this from at least checking it out. To visit, please click here.

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