July 31, 2007

Review: Blogaboutyourblog.com

Recently I had a movie quote contest and picked a random comment owner as "winner" and offered a free 100 word review on the website/blog of their choice. The winner this week is http://www.blogaboutyourblog.com/.

While visiting blogaboutyourblog I notice right away the catchy and impressive logo. The layout of the whole blog is attractive and neatly displayed for the readers. I then continued to read most of the posts on the front page and noticed the writing style is much like my own, straight forward and to the point. Blogaboutyourblog is updated almost everyday with interesting and uplifting posts about, well, blogging for one. Making money online is another category and one that stands out in my eyes, how to increase your website traffic. Blogaboutyourblog.com also has a feature called "Comment Friday". Questions are asked and people comment on the post. The idea is to get people coming back to the blog, which I can see myself, that isn't a problem. Comment Friday looks to stir up good conversation and user interactiveness. Check it out this week.

With over 225 feed readers and a blog page rank of 4, this blog is certainly popular with other bloggers and has information that any website owner could use on a daily basis.

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