July 27, 2007

Movie Quote Contest: Week 6

Ok, so this week I am going to pick a number and that number comment will be getting a review (with one link) to the blog of their choice IF they answer correctly. If the number I pick is the wrong answer, the winner will be chosen by a secret second number I am picking right now. The number is based loosely on the number of comments to previous contests and the second one is completely secret. That's the only hint you get :) So, the best thing for you to do is leave a comment and hope your comment is the right number with the right answer.

**NOTE: comment even if you think the answer is already given, it may be wrong, but if it's not you might be the number comment I pick!**

Here is this weeks movie quote:

Guy one: It's me!
Guy two: Prove it!
Guy one: You're a dick.
Guy two: Okay.

Go ahead, you have until Monday AM to answer. Good Luck.

PS - Stay tuned for a product review contest coming on MONDAY! I will give away a product from our partner free to the best review!

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cowboytf said...


achengy said...


Guy one: Cyclops
Guy Two: Wolverine

PoEt said...

xmen :) thanks

Lisa said...

I even knew this one. :)


Jayme said...


Tiffany said...