July 27, 2007

LeasingandContractHire.com Press Release

The following is a press release from LeasingandContractHire.com:

In July, we have seen a marked increase in the number of users searching for car leasing deals" said Alan Gates, Marketing Director for LeasingAndContractHire.com. "We see this growth as a Nationwide trend as car leasing becomes more and more popular."

The top 5 searches in July were for:- Audi leasing (13.89%), BMW leasing (13.57%), Mercedes-Benz leasing (8.41%), Volkswagen leasing (6.05%) and Land rover leasing (5.09%). In total, they account for 47% of the overall search volume at LeasingAndContractHire.com

Over the past 6 months, Audi leasing deals have consistently been the most popular searches. Audi has seen a 6 month average search volume of 14.86%.

So, for anybody considering leasing an Audi or any other make of car, LeasingAndContractHire.com have over 14,000 car leasing deals available at any one time! To see what all the hype is about, visit the website now.

So, are you looking to lease a car when you visit the UK? I'll tell you that it must be easier than taking your car from the USA. Once you get into the UK and are looking to settle in, tune your browser to LeasingandContractHire.com. This Car leasing search engine will help you find the most popular cars that people would like to lease. In most cases, leasing a car can be the most cost effective way to drive a car these days. Imagine not having to worry about repairs or oil changes. Mileage is just about the only thing you have to watch while leasing a car. The best part is that when the lease it up, you can lease another brand new car. Don't forget to check out the website for all your Car leasing needs.