July 4, 2007

BAWC Forums = Bored at Work Club Forums

Free to join, but you must join. Anyone can join, but you must join to see the boards. The forum website is Powered by vBulletin® and has a nice layout. The colors are easy on the eyes.

Currently I am the newest member of 253 (154 active). My fiance's brother led me to the site and I proceeded without caution, while at work, to join. Since then I have already posted on a blogging topic there.

There are plenty of posts to read through in multiple categories too. Join in the fun and make sure your boss isn't watching. If you join, tell 'em sukosaki sent you :) Blogging is a good time, commenting in forums is a good time, doing both at work, if you can, is a good time!

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Anonymous said...

BAWC stands for Bored At Work Crew...