June 24, 2007

Spam Free Email with Bluebottle.com

I had to switch from SBC, AOL or Hotmail account because of all the spam. Now I have email through Bluebottle.com. It's nice and FREE of spam and other unwanted email. You can "allow" or "block" individual emails from whoever is sending it. They have a strong spam filter and if you don't want that email, you are NOT going to get it any longer.

I have a free account, or 4 for that matter, and it hooks right up with Outlook Express. I can also login to their webmail service at mail.bluebottle.com to get messages from any computer connected to the internet. From the control panel there, you can allow or block emails.

I have had the service for about 4 months and so far, so good. I recommend Bluebottle.com if you are in need of a SPAM free email account that isn't tied to Yahoo or Hotmail. Check them out at http://www.bluebottle.com/.

Song of the Day:
"Nickel Bags of Funk" by Digable Planets