June 4, 2007

Digg.com Refers Traffic

How to use Digg.com to get traffic to your blog!

If you have been to Digg.com, you know that interesting, unique and of the wall stories are king. You also know that some websites can get some serious traffic from Digg.com as well.

What does Digg.com have to do with my blog you ask? Well, if you happen to have all kinds of posts featuring all kinds of topics you can use Digg.com to get some traffic to your site.

Simply go to Digg.com, search for articles related to your topics and post a relevant comment on the article, maybe even a link to your blog post. In no time you will see traffic flowing from Digg.com.

Don't forget to post relevant comments though, you don't want your comment to get buried. Having your comments in the top 5 are key to getting the most traffic. If you post comments that have little to do with the article, you will be buried and get no traffic at all. You can see an example here of me testing it to get traffic to my blog.