May 23, 2007

Hank Aaron doesn't care?

Should Hank Aaron be upset that Barry Bonds is creeping up on his home run record? No, but should he be upset that Barry is also taking a pill to boost performance? YES. Back in the day there wasn't anything these guys could do. They worked hard for what they accomplished and now in today's society we are trying to let children and young adults now that drugs are bad, yet we have no problem showing Barry Bonds hit that last home run and cheer him on for it. Everyone knows that they guys is pumping up his game and not naturally!

I think it paints a poor picture to up and coming athletes and possibly makes them feel like they have to "enhance" their performance to get to the top of their game. I think that Hank Aaron not being all the excited is just the way he should act. When asked what he will be doing if Bonds hits that magic home run? "Probably playing golf somewhere". Very well said indeed.

Song of the Day:
"Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley