April 15, 2006

Daily Show Immigrant Style

I just watched an episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. Most of the show was about all the immigration rallies and marches going on all over the country. Ok, fine, march all you want, but it's the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that Americans DON'T WANT AROUND! If you came to this country and are willing to fight for the country, know how to speak English, one way or another, and can at least pick the president from a police line-up, welcome to America. If you can't do even one of those things, which most illegals from the south cannot, you DON'T belong here.

Anyways, at the end of the show, Jon Stewart shows a small clip of the US/Mexico border. An area with a toll booth or check point of some sort. The gate flies open to let some more Americans into Mexico, and what happens? About 30 ILLEGAL's run through the checkpoint and just entered America illegally. And NOBODY does a thing about it. What can be done? Well, where is the border patrol? Hiding in the hills waiting for some agile Mexican to scale a fence so he can start a foot chase that he will likely lose, considering he just downed 3 mountain dews and 2 long johns while waiting for the shifty Mexican to make it over the fence?

Whatever. The economy is bad and nobody knows why. Well, paying illegals 5 bucks a day with no piss breaks is a good start at making your bottom line look better, in the mean time, my job is going over seas 'cause now there are too many working illegally and we can't afford to make our product and sell it for a profit, compared to our competitor that hires illegals and can now chop his sale price in half 'cause he is saving a ton on payroll.

Enjoy! Post a comment if you saw the clip I speak of and let me know what you think about it.


gysmo1 said...

You make the best point. If you want rights, COME BACK LEGALY THEN ADOPT THE AMERICAN FLAG. These people expect rights when they are carrying a Mexican Flag! By the way I also saw the video wathing The Daily Show. If I was American, I'd try to run em' over!!!!