April 20, 2006

Cops Acquitted by Jury in Beating Trial

Read this article.

Don't you think this is about someone who got beat? If the cops are not guilty, WHO beat this guy? He didn't beat himself into a pulp of a human, did he? How can there be many witnesses, INCLUDING on-duty police officers that TESTIFIED they saw the beating, but the ones on trial weren't the ones that did it?

Does anyone else have the answers to these questions? It just blows my mind that people can site through an entire trial with evidence and EYE-witness testimony and still say to yourself, "well, I just don't think the off duty cops did it". There was even a 911 call from a friend of the man that was beat, that gives a play-by-play about the whole situation.

A cover-up case? -- this is also an interesting read about the case. So, we pay over paid lawyers a lot of money to defend us and they fuck up like this?? What the hell is any decent American to do these days to get the justice that is deserved?

The code of silence? -- hopefully anyone involved in this case, in any way, will still come forward, and for the Police Deparments sake, BEFORE the Federal Trial is brought on the whole department.

Enjoy and post comments of course.