November 1, 2007

Do people actually reply to online ads to meet?

Reading a story on today, I see that a woman was killed after responding to an ad on the popular web site I thought to myself, why the heck are people doing this? Not that every single person replying to an ad is getting killed, but in this day in age, when the country is full of wackos, what are you thinking?

The ad was for a babysitting job. Innocent enough right? Well, when she arrived, she would be shot in the back and stuffed into the trunk of her own car. The car was then left in a park overnight where officers found it and ultimately arrested the 19 year old man who's account was used to place the ad.

The 19 year old claimed that a friend of his killed the woman, he was only present, because he "thought it would be funny". Damn kids.

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